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Aromatherapy Candle: Balancing Bergamot Geranium & Patchouli


Aromatherapy Candle: Balancing- Bergamot, Geranium & Patchouli

Our aromatherapists have carefully combined these three essential oils to create this mood stabilising aroma. The citrus, spicy,  floral aroma of bergamot combined with calming effects of fruity geranium and musky-earthy scent of Patchouli together generate a scent that when lit the aroma creates a comforting, balancing feeling, alleviating feelings of stress and anxiety.

Patchouli oil helps to alleviate feelings of sadness or loss and can induce a feeling of hope and positivity. Bergamot is known to build  and enhance one’s mood, while Geranium creates a feeling of calm and serenity. Combined these powerful essential oils aroma promote a balanced and more contented feeling

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