Pharmony Throat Syrup 100ml


Pharmony™ Throat Syrup has been specially formulated to help promote comfort for baby’s throat. This delicious, sweet tasting, lemon and aniseed flavoured syrup coats the throat to shorten the duration and reduce discomfort.

Glycerine is used in this formula for its soothing effect.Traditionally Glycerine has been used to help coat throats big and small.
For generations natural lemon oil has been used to ad flavour when sooting may be needed. Aniseed flavour gives the syrup a pleasant scent and taste which young children like.
With its unique formulation, Pharmony uses a celulose thickner which helps the syrup adhere to the back of the throat and also gives it mucoadhesive properties. As a result, the syrup remains in contact with the throat for a longer period of time.

For safety reasons our pharmacist will review this purchase before dispatch, as this product is a medicine. If our pharmacist has any questions they will contact you to ensure this product is appropriate for you.

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